Americana Yoga Music brings you original roots, country and folk music designed specifically for your yoga class and practice.

We bring together the National and Dobro guitar sound, with warm washes of sound and soft tremolo Telecasters. Each piece is paced to aid relaxation, promote stillness in the mind and enable you to focus gently on your yoga.

Get into the Americana Yoga vibe – stream or download on Spotify or download on iTunes.

Americana Yoga Music Volume 2 is available to steam now – four pieces reflecting the changing of the seasons and including contributions from pedal steel legend B.J. Cole and piano from Adam’s brother Matt Moore.

Hi, I’m Adam, welcome to Americana Yoga Music. I really want you to enjoy this music and hope you play it whilst you’re practicing yoga, relaxing, mediating, cooking or whatever.

 Americana Yoga Music began at my partner Rosie’s yoga classes when she asked if I had any music she could add to her teaching playlist. She loves music and movement and wanted something new. We talked about what worked and what didn’t, that it didn’t have to sound ‘eastern’, how a yoga class was meant to evolve, and what kind of vibe she wanted.

So I fished around in my demo vault and brought out a few possibilities. Rosie began playing them during her classes and her students really loved it, asking what it was and where they could get this beautiful, new music. 

 After that, I started writing for the project in earnest, and the Americana Yoga Music EP is the first little creation to make it into the world.

There’ll be more, I promise.

 Love, Adam


Adam Moore is a guitarist, composer and teacher from Norfolk, England. He’s played in many countries around the world and makes wildly varying music; from meditation to metal.